Beyond a Bond:
an InoShikaCho Zine

Unofficial SFW zine project focused on 3 generations of the InoShikaCho trio from the Naruto Universe

Current Status:
Preorders Open: April 10th - May 31st

About the project

This is a SFW zine project based on the bond and mythology of the InoShikaCho ninja trio from the anime/manga Naruto!The zine will be structured in 3 chapters focusing on the 3 generation of InoShikaCho and will feature a variety of art, writing, and merch by different contributors. We are huge fans of Team 10 in all its iterations and are excited to bring this zine to you!Images by @stinkbrat on tumblr


1. What is this project?InoShikaCho Zine is an unofficial SFW zine based on characters from the Yamanaka, Nara, and Akimichi clans from the Naruto and Boruto: Next Generation series. The zine will be structured in 3 chapters, one for each generation of InoShikaCho. The format will be a 21x21 cm softcover book with a special finish stretch goal.2. Is there a theme?The zine will be focused on the friendship and bond between InoShikaCho teams over generations. It will feature canon verse works as well as AU works.3. Is it for charity or for-profit?This project will be for charity. The charity will be decided by our contributors and mods at a later date.4. Who are the mods?We are a team of 4 mods: @pewpewpew is the Head Mod, Art/Layout Mod, and Shipping Mod @thespookymoth is our Social Media Mod, @notquitejiraiya is our Writing/Communications Mod, and @humanbobjeanpants is our Finance Mod! You can find more info on mods including profiles here.5. Will it be physical or digital?After consideration of the Interest Check results and discussion within the mod team, we have decided that the zine will be a physical release with an accompanying merch bundle! A digital PDF option and digital merch will also be available!6. Will it include merch? Yes! Several different merch items will be available and announced later on.7. What is the schedule for this zine?The schedule can be found here! Our creation period is expected to be between from mid June to late September, with projected preorders during December and shipping in early 2022.8. Will contributors be compensated?All contributors will at the very least receive a free digital bundle of the zine and digital merch. Depending on sales, we are also planning to offer every contributor a free physical bundle of zine and merch. 9. Can we apply for multiple positions during contributor apps?Yes, you are allowed to apply for as many positions as you like, however your final position(s) will be decided at the mods’ discretion.10. Is prior experience necessary in order to participate? For writers and page/comic artists, previous experience is not a requirement and will not affect your application. For merch, previous experience is encouraged and will be considered, but again not strictly required. 11. What are the requirements for contributor applications?The full contributor applications guidelines and requirements can be found here. In short, all applicants must be at least 16 years of age, and must submit 3-5 pieces that best reflect your skills and style. Please make sure that we have access to your files! SFW samples are highly preferred as this is a SFW zine. NSFW samples are allowed but need to be clearly labeled as such. Your portfolio must contain at least one Naruto piece. 12. How many pieces are contributors expected to create?Expectations are as follows: for page artists, at least one finished illustration. Comic artists must create a completed comic of 3-4 pages. Writers must create one stand alone completed story of around 3.5k words. Merch artists are expected to create designs for 1 merch item.All contributors are expected to respect their assignment. If you wish to create more than the minimum requirement, you may do so after submitting the final version of your first piece and after discussing it with a mod. 13. When do contributor applications open?Contributor applications will be open May 1 - June 14th 11:59 UTC+3. We hope to see your application!14. Will you be emailing everyone who applied?Yes! Every single applicant will receive an email with their application status as soon as possible after applications are closed.15. How many contributors will be accepted?Our tentative numbers are 30 page artists, 5 merch artists, 6 comic artists, and 7 writers. These numbers might change based on applications.16. Will the applicants be able to request critiques?Mods would be more than happy to give critiques to applicants upon request!17. Will you be shipping internationally?Yes.Images by @hotgirluchiha on tumblr

Tentative Schedule

* This schedule is only tentative and is subject to change!

🐗 Interest Check → Jan 21 to Mar 1st 2021
🌺 Mod Applications → March 9 - 31 2021
🦌 Contributor Applications → EXTENDED! May 1st to JUNE 14th 2021
☁️ Creation Period → Mid June to late September - 2021
🦋 Preorders → Preorders Open: April 10th - May 31st
🍱 Delivery → Mid 2022
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Interest Check Results

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Thank you for your interest and continued support!
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